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On Wednesday 28th September. 2022 at Buganda Road Magistrates court her worship Justice Kamasanyu Gladys adjourned a case in which Andrew Kaggwa Kulumba is accused of frauding over 800 Ugandans of millions of money through crypto currency scheme.

Through his company registered as Global Crypto Currencies Ltd located on Namirembe Road at Lions Shopping Centre, Kaggwa marketed his scheme through networks in Born again churches around Ggaba Rd.

According to one of the witnesses in this case Tusiime Sarah a resident of Munyonyo, Sarah  and her husband came to know Kaggwa from soul touching ministries pastored by David Mwesigwa along Ggaba Road, we became friends and later he even participated in our wedding as our Best man on a wedding that took place on 24/08/2018, Kaggwa became well known to my husband since then.

“Through my husband I came to know Global Currencies limited a company owned by Kaggwa and its offers. Also, when Kaggwa came to church he told us that he had a company that gives a 40% Interest on every money that you invest/ deposit on their company account after 30 days”, said Tusiime.

She added that,  “I met Kaggwa at his office on Lions Shopping Centre before my husband recruited me under him and I deposited 30 Million shillings to Global Currencies Limited Account in centenary Bank expecting to get paid back my money with interest of 40%”. 

According to Tusiime ,the arrangement was that she deposits 30 million shillings but doing it after every other day. After depositing, she was required to carry the deposit slip to the company offices and get another receipt from the company that is headed with company details.

She told court on Wednesday 28th Sep 2022 that, On 6/11/2019 she made the 1st deposit of 10 million shillings, the second one on 8/11/2019 also 10 million shillings and the third one on 13/11/2019, also 10 million shillings. A lady who worked at this company made and signed her receipts for all the deposits she made on their account number 3100058539 in the names of Global Currencies limited in centenary bank, as she testified.

After 2 weeks from the last deposit I later knew that Global Currencies Limited offices were closed. Later I received an sms on my phone and  Director Kaggwa was inviting me to Pope Paul leisure Centre to talk about our investment. On reaching Pope Paul I found over 800 People of which all of them were furious about the scheme. That’s when I realised that I was robbed. Tusiime added.

We later got news that Kaggwa was arrested and we were advised to report our cases at Old Kampala Police station which I did.

Tusiime also added that together and her husband they were robbed 66 Million shillings in total. I was robbed 30 Million shillings and my husband 36 Million shillings, Tusiime Said. We sold our shop, got a 15 Million Shillings Loan from Centenary Bank, only to be robbed.

This case is still before her worship Kamasanyu Gladys and will be heard again on 13th. October. 2022 at 9:00am, I will bring you proceeding updates about the matter.

Story by: Asaba James, a student at UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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