Pull-up Banners

Pull-up/Roll-up Banners will help you to market your Company,  Brand, Services and Products.

Pull-ups help to draw attention to your Brand, notify visitors about your products / services, display your company logo, or to attract attention.

Pull-up Banners are used for presentations, trade shows, exhibitions, Office premises and at shopping malls. Placing the roll-up stand just outside your  store, reception or trade show will help to attract attention from the audience.

Benefits of Pull-up/Roll-up  Banners

1. Easy to use – unlike most advertising options, our pull-up banners are very easy to assemble, disassemble and store away until the next use.

2. They are durable – come sun, wind or rain, these banners will last throughout the whole day and stay intact due to the quality material used to make them.

3. Easily transported – due to the light weight and compact design, transporting these banners to your designated location is very convenient.

4. Brand awareness – no matter where you are planning on putting these to use, the message you are trying to get across will always be with you and eye-catching to those around it.

At Vaito we imagine and create designs that will give you a lasting postive impression. We sell/print wide base Pull ups that are widely known for durability.

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