Teardrops/Flags are versatile advertising items that can be used by any business/organisation, including companies, NGOs, Restaurants, Boutiques, etc.

They can be used to welcome clients, advertise, sales promotions and many other purposes including at trade shows.

You can carry Teardrops/Flags to tournaments, weddings, concerts and many other places. The possibilities are endless

Benefits of Tear-drops/ Flags

Grab Attention

Teardrops/Flags have the ability to grab the customer’s attention quickly. We offer them in different sizes from 1M-5M to make sure your business or event noticed.

Easy to Transport

One of the many great things about flags is that they are relatively easy to transport because of their small size and weight. They come in a bag that makes it easy to pack and carry after use.

Easy to set up and take down

Teardrops are one of the easiest types of marketing tools to set up and take down. The only thing that you will have to do is set up the stands and add the flag.

They will then be ready to promote and advertise your business and start bringing in new clients or promote a special event.


When you compare the options for other event banners, custom printed flags are more affordable.


Great for all industries, products, and services anytime, anywhere.

At Vaito we deisgn, print/supply Teardrops in all sizes and shapes (Curve or L- Shape).

Get in touch with us  through Email: sales@vaito.co.ug or Call/WhastApp: 0783694161

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